Watch RTE Player Outside Ireland

Irish people love to travel that is certainly true. If you’ve ever visited the RTE website and then RTE Player when you’re outside Ireland you’ll be unable to stream the TV Shows. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia or anywhere else in the world, the site knows this and so blocks you due to “licensing restrictions”. A geo-block is a tool that checks your current location based on your IP address, and if it realizes that you are located outside of Ireland, meaning that you are surfing with something else than an Irish IP address, you will not be allowed to watch the channel anymore. So, what is the solution to this problem? An Irish IP address. RTE player, an on-demand video streaming channel, is well known among Irish people for its best HD-quality entertaining content. In Ireland, internet speed is not a fuss – but, many ISPs are blocking access by throttling the internet speed. To watch RTE from outside Ireland you need to get hold of an Irish IP address and that can be arranged quite easily with a VPN service.
By using VPN methods, you will be able to surf with an Irish IP address no matter where you are. Once you see how easy it is to use a Virtual Private Network and stream HD-quality entertaining content from all across the globe, you will be impressed with the advantages of VPN. Staying current with the latest Irish or international news, as well as a considerable collection of TV shows and sport events, is now quite easy. All streaming services become accessible without any problems or blockings. No more frustrations when trying to access RTE Player outside Ireland! VPN is giving you a new IP address and an amazing opportunity to enjoy your favorite online programming wherever you are.