Unblock Skype with VPN

Skype is a wonderful communication tool however, in many places, due often to either government censorship or communication companies, Skype is blocked. It is a popular communication platform with hundreds of millions of users taking advantage of the service worldwide.
Skype is not a porn or regional thing, it is neither political nor ethnical in any manner, it is just a communication app which connects me with friends, family, colleagues and other professionals; then why it is blocked. Actually the issue is not with Skype but with the technology used by Skype i.e. VOIP. Voice over IP is blocked by many internet service providers (ISP) to minimize their traffic load, so basically they are limiting facilities to cater more users. So if you’re located in a country with Skype blocks, connect to a VPN service in another country and spoof your location, bypassing any local restrictions. Additionally, a VPN will encrypt your traffic including through services like Skype. The VPN service will be the middleman during the call, so if you choose for example a server in the US this will make Skype think you are actually located and placing the call from the USA. In this way, Skype will go ahead and charge you only the local Skype rate instead if the rate from the actual country your calling from.
Luckily for you there is VPN service which can actually go pass the security systems imposed by the governments and make Skype work perfectly for you. Using a VPN makes all your VoIP calls and chats encrypted too, meaning they will not be exposed to hackers or other eavesdroppers.