Staying Safe on Public Wi-Fi

Free public WiFi is everywhere, and many of us make use of it every day while on public transport, in restaurants, from our hotel rooms, and from many other places. When it comes to travelling and staying connected it is not always as simple as finding your nearest WiFi hotspot and connecting to it. Well it is simple if you don’t mind connecting to a network that you know nothing about. A Free WiFi connection could get you into a number of tricky situations where hackers could be stealing your information as you browse the web unknowingly which is never a good thing and this is why the use of VPN is becoming more popular even if you are just sitting in your local coffee shop…its best to be safe than sorry!
With coffee shops, hotels, shopping malls, airports, and many other locations offering their customers free access to public Wi-Fi, it’s a convenient way to check your emails, catch up on social networking, or surf the web when you’re out and about. However, cybercriminals will often spy on public Wi-Fi networks and intercept data that is transferred across the link. In this way, the criminal can access users’ banking credentials, account passwords, and other valuable information. Using a VPN while on public WiFi is one of the best ways to secure your data. The VPN will encrypt the traffic from your device to a secure VPN server making it impossible for cybercriminals to intercept your information. All a hacker would be able to see is that you’re using a VPN. Once they see that they’ll move on to another target. If you still doubt a network’s security when working on publicly available Wi-Fi, you should always utilize a virtual private network.